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Hydro-Tain: The Future of Environmental Oil-Spill Recovery

WPSI’s Hydro-Tain is a product that effectively absorbs any liquid hydrocarbon it comes in contact with. It will not lose effectiveness or resilience due to time in water, weather or water currents.

Hydro-Tain has the same properties and capabilities in dry or wet form.

In its natural state (without contact with hydrocarbons), Hydro-Tain has a toxicity level of 0. Once Hydro-Tain has been in contact with hydrocarbons and has absorbed its capacity, the toxicity is no greater than that of the hydrocarbon. In fact, Hydro-Tain reduces the contact level of toxicity of the hydrocarbon as it forms a barrier around the hydrocarbon during absorption.

Hydro-Tain is a coagulant that functions by absorbing and encapsulating virtually any hydrocarbon-based liquids. When the Hydro-Tain compound comes in contact with any liquid hydrocarbons, it rapidly (within seconds or minutes) absorbs and encapsulates the liquid hydrocarbons, providing clumps of floating material that are easily retrieved or skimmed.

Hydro-Tain functions by absorbing the hydrocarbon within the co-polymeric compound, holding or suspending the hydrocarbon within micron size particles permanently. Hydro-Tain does not allow the hydrocarbon fluid to "seep" or reverse flow back out of the Hydro-Tain material. Hydro-Tain separates the oil from the water to a 97 percent - 98 percent effectiveness rate.

The WPSI Difference
Hydro-Tain can be deployed in either dry or wet forms, and does not take on any other liquids other than the hydrocarbon particulates. When applying the Hydro-Tain to the affected environment, Hydro-Tain will physically separate the oil from the ambient environment, removing the contaminants in direct contact with the water. Then, using the existing network of recovery teams, we remove the Hydro-Tain compound from its physical environment.

Hydro-Tain distribution can be accomplished in an overlapping operation, utilizing most of the current assets already associated in an oil spill response plan. By being able to overlap and assume much of the current oil response networks' operational structure, assets and routine, there will be little confusion or delay during changeover. The collection and removal operations will be coordinated and operated alongside the existing infrastructure and allow maximum efficiency. Once Hydro-Tain has absorbed the hydrocarbon it becomes a viable fuel compound that can be burned. In tests conducted in WPSI’s lab pool, after five minutes, the surface of the water was cleaned of crude oil and crude oil emulsions to the degree that someone could place a hand in the water and have virtually no residue or oil contact.
Marine and air assets are utilized in deploying the Hydro-Tain product to spill and contamination area.
Existing marine and air assets will be utilized to target and place Hydro-Tain on oil grouping and areas that are probable destinations of migrating oil residue to trap oil in its approach for removal by recovery teams.
Oil recovery vessels will be used to collect Hydro-Tain in greater quantities with better control over the material and operations.
Smaller support vessels will be used to assist in the operations of the main recovery vessels and to access remote or shallow areas. These can also collect the Hydro-Tain with minimal equipment preparation.
Various types of vessels can be utilized in the collection and recovery operations with greater efficiency in removing Hydro-Tain over trying to collect the liquid dispersant and oil residue.
Tanks will be transported by trucks to the central collection and processing facility for verification, analysis and disposal.

In an installation that is designed for related petrochemical activities, the Hydro-Tain can be cataloged, analyzed, processed, and recycled to be used as a fuel similar to the hydrocarbons' original intended purpose.

MSDS Information for Petroleum Distillates Absorber System*
Physical data
Flammability UEL = None
LEL = None
Water Solubility = Negligible
Specific Gravity = H20 = .91
Vapor Density = None
Odor = No odor
Appearance = White granular powder

Fire and Explosions
Flash Point = None
Auto Ignition = None
Explosive limits = None
Extinguishing Media = Water, dry, chemical, resistant foam, or carbon dioxide
Fire fighting procedures = Wear positive pressure NIOSH approved self breathing apparatus with full face plate where exposure to smoke, fumes or hazardous decomposition products. Carbon monoxide may form when burned without sufficient oxygen.

Reactivity and Stability Data
Stability = Stable
Conditions = N/A
Incompatibility = None
Hazardous Decomposition or By-Products = These range from simple hydrocarbons (methane, propane) to toxic or irritating gases [carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide etc.
Health Hazard
Carcinogenicity = No

Control Measures
OSHA PEL = None established, PEL:N/A,
Spill and Leakage = Take up mechanically, then place in a chemical waste container and ventilate the area.

UN ID NUMBER = Non-regulated
Hazardous Class = Non-hazardous by DOT
Labels Required = None required
Packaging Group = None

Ecological Information
Product is inert until physical contact
with hydrocarbon fluid.
Product absorption active life is until absorption
capacity is reached.

Movement and Partitioning
No bioconcentration is expected because of high molecular weight.
* To the best of our knowledge the information contained herein is accurate. However product manufacturer assumes no liability whatsoever for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. Final determination of suitability of any product is the sole responsibility of the user. All products may present unknown hazards and should be used with caution. Although certain hazards are described herein we cannot guarantee that these are the only hazards which exist.
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